Products Jury 2013

In 2013 an international jury consisting of experts from various industry branches will once again select the best sporting goods products entered by exhibitors and non-exhibitors.
 Thanks to their extensive expertise, the selected group of internationally renowned jurors, from the consumer, retail, marketing, design, media and sports sectors, will provide an in-depth evaluation, taking into account all sports market specifications.

A separate jury will be used for each segment of the Product Division (Ski, Action, Outdoor, Performance). The jury will use the three criteria design, innovation and function to analyze the entries. A special Eco Responsibility jury will further evaluate the products according to their sustainability and award bonus points.
 2013 is the first year a special Apparel jury will analyze all entered apparel pieces, thus complementing the results of the Products jury. In addition, a special Eco Responsibility jury will assess the sustainability of the products and award bonus points.

Posted by Dominik Fuss Posted on Jan 4, 2013 Tags:  ispo-award